StarCraft 64 is a fascinating port of a game that was never really designed to run on consoles. In order to make it work, big changes had to be made to the control scheme and other features, but the game still has its fans. One of those fans who goes by Zuljaras, has created a unique sculpture inspired by the game and utilizing an actual Nintendo 64 system.

As you can see in the video above, Zuljaras put together a complete StarCraft 64 battlefield on top of their console, including different types of terrain and various units and bases. According to the video description, they used polymer clays to get the job done - specifically, Super Sculpey, Fimo Professional and “some colored clays”.

Previously, Zuljaras put together a DOOM statue made of clay utilizing a broken DOOM Switch cartridge. Who knows what Nintendo fusions they’ll come up with next!

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