Each Legend of Zelda game has its own unique style and features, which is probably why the franchise has lasted so long. There have certainly been some more odd adventures for Link over the years, and it’s likely most would agree that Majora’s Mask is the most out-there entry series.

One of the people who worked on Majora’s Mask is Takaya Imamura, who no longer works at Nintendo. In an interview with VGC, Imamura mentioned that he was hoping to lend his talents to one more unique Zelda title before he left the company, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

“I wanted to do it one more time, yes. Recent Zelda games have taken things back to basics, and I wanted to make something a little bit more unique, with a little twist, in a strange and unique world, like Majora’s Mask.”

[Takaya Imamura ]

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12M ago

I really hope they'll do something crazy next as the last few games all went back to the past:
Skyward Sword: Origin Story
A Link Between Worlds: Is basically A Link to the Past 2
Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom: A huge nod to the original game.