Kirby Café getting a special menu for Summer 2023

Green Greens is the song of the summer

04 July 2023
by quence 1

The Kirby Café in Japan is getting a special menu with various new items for Summer 2023. They’ll be available from July 6, 2023 through September 18, 2023. This summer’s theme is “lemon”.

Here’s everything on offer from the Kirby Café’s summer menu this year:

  • Kirby’s summer vacation 2023
  • Chef Kawasaki Exciting! Beachside BBQ
  • Kuruma Cheesecake
  • Warp Star French Toast
  • Korokoro Natsuiro Pineapple Soda
  • Urrun Star Cocktail
  • Kirby’s Lemon Lemon Parfait (with optional souvenir glass)

Check out the official Kirby Café web site for more info and photos.

Thanks to d_says_hi for the heads up!

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11M ago

I could go for the French Toast and the cheesecake.