Pikmin is enjoying quite the wave of attention right now, thanks to the entire mainline Pikmin franchise being available on Switch, and Pikmin 4 gearing up for release on July 21st, 2023. Looking to capitalize on that excitement is Japanese toy maker Re-Ment, who’s got a very special line of Pikmin toys in the works.

Re-Ment has revealed their Pikmin terrarium series, which is set to release in Japan come November 6th, 2023. As you can see above, there are six designs in all, and each offers a unique scene with Pikmin, fruit, enemies and more.

Not only are the scenes depicted in these terrariums fantastic, the terrariums themselves are a joy. Each terrarium comes in a unique jar, including one that looks like a lightbulb! All 6 are priced between $5 and $15, so snagging an entire collection won’t be too rough on the wallet.

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