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08 July 2023
by quence 0

Afterimage has been updated to Ver. 1.1.0 on the Nintendo Switch. This includes new content for the Trial of Souls mode, new outfits, quality of life updates, and more. See below for the full patch notes.

  • Extra game mode “Trial of Soul” is now available. Defeat the boss “???” in Rainbow Plains to unlock this mode in the main menu – please update the game to the lastest version (1.1.0) to play the new contents.
  • In this mode, Renee will be able to choose various builds with limited and re-balanced equipment and challenge any boss or boss combinations to unlock brand-new outfits for use in both the Trial of Soul Mode and Story Mode.
  • Added 3 new outfits for Renee, which are unlocked by “Defeating all bosses in Trail of Soul”, “Perfectly defeating all bosses in Trial of Soul” and “Perfectly defeating all Boss Combinations in Trail of Soul” to unlock.

Newly Added

  • Added map icons for NPCs like merchants and conjurors, now they will be automatically shown on map once you encountered them
  • Added map icons for NPCs with long sidequests, now they will be automatically shown on map once you took their quests
  • Added Achievement interface in Game Menu
  • Added Echo interface in Game Menu
  • Added Enemy Level Alert, now the game will automatically show a marker on enemies with a much higher level than Renee
  • Added an option for font size in Game Menu


  • Adjusted the logic of selling items, now all weapons/armors/accessories with quantity above 1 can be sold (the last equipment left cannot be sold)
  • Adjusted and optimized the performance and cutscene of some main storylines
  • Adjusted the logic of taking and progressing the quests of Owl/Levine, now you can simultaneously take and progress the quests of Owl/Levine
  • Adjusted the max zoom degree of minimap, from 1.5x to 3x and simultaneously adjusted the icon resolutions in minimap
  • Adjusted the character stats in Talent Menu, now it shows more stats
  • Adjusted the bottom layer picture of the dialogue system

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the visuals of item “Bless of Guardian” would remain on the screen after triggering its effect and returning to main menu
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Emily displayed incorrect portrait during certain dialogues
  • Fixed an issue where quest items would drop again after giving them to NPCs
  • Fixed an issue where 42 incorrectly invoked Renee’s combat voice when using certain attack actions
  • Fixed an issue where releasing jump button while using the ability of item “Crown of Windwalker” might cause jump deceleration
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect display of map name occurred when entering islands in sailing map
  • Fixed an issue where the attack animation of enemy “Pyro Assaulter” might get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon “Rage of Geo”did not cause damage when hitting enemies
  • Fixed an issue where inconsistent delay generation intervals for enemy projectiles occurred when different numbers of enemies were on the same screen
  • Fixed an issue where abnormal exit after taking the quest “Patrol” could cause the quest to disappear
  • Fixed an issue where the popup of obtaining the item “Memories, the Beginning” and “Anemo, the Harmony of World Tree” would cause the game to freeze
  • Fixed an issue where disabling the camera shake and controller vibration were not fully effective

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