It seems like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is inspiring new levels of creativity from its players every single day. The latest example of this comes from u/Uh_oh_its_a on Reddit, who came up with a clever way to cross large bodies of water quickly and easily in-game.

While the Cryonis ability from Breath of the Wild that allowed you to create ice blocks is no longer in Tears of the Kingdom, you can still freeze sections of water with ice weapons. This may seem obvious, but Uh_oh_its_a takes things to the next level by imbuing a boomerang weapon with ice, then tossing it across the water. Doing so results in a series of easily hoppable ice platforms to cross. Best of all, the boomerang comes right back afterward without losing any durability, so you can keep using this trick even for crossing huge bodies of water!

Click here to see a video of this technique in action. Complicated contraptions and vehicles are certainly impressive feats in Tears of the Kingdom, but this proves that even something simple can open your eyes to new possibilities!

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11M ago

Yeah, I totally see me missing to catch the thing and it goes sploosh!