Did You Know Gaming explores three lost Sonic games

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 2's plot revealed!

08 July 2023
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Did You Know Gaming has another new video uncovering some mysterious lost video games. The focus this time is on a few different Sonic the Hedgehog titles that never saw the light of day for various reasons.

The three games featured are: Sister Sonic, a reworked version of Popful Mail starring Sonic’s sister; a sequel to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood; and Sonic Day, a one-touch platformer in the vein of Super Mario Run. This video should be of particular interest to fans of the DS RPG Sonic Chronicles, as it reveals many plot details for the planned sequel to that game, which unfortunately, never got made.

With a franchise as long-running (get it?) as Sonic, it’s inevitable that some ideas won’t make it all the way to the finish line. How many of these games were you aware of, and which ones do you wish you could play the most?

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