The Microsoft vs FTC case that’s slowly been developing over the last year, has finally reached its head with the courts denying the FTC’s requests to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard. As of today’s ruling, the company now has been given the ‘go-ahead’ to move forward with the merger.

There are a few legal options the FTC has left to further prolong this case, but it is thought by a few experts that the FTC will likely move on following this new ruling, and Microsoft could move forward with its merge as soon as this Saturday.

Although Microsoft has received approval in the United States, the UK is still seeking to block the merge. Microsoft is appealing this block, and that hearing is currently scheduled for July 28th.

If all goes well for Microsoft, the company would be set to finally close the book on its long discussed acquisition of Activision/Blizzard. This deal would also include a 10 year commitment to bringing the Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo consoles.

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10M ago

The deal, as it's understood, can't be closed until all major regulators get out of the way. We wait until Monday.


10M ago

It's about damn time.


10M ago

Just let them have it already God. Honestly, the only reason this rubs Sony the wrong way has nothing to do with call of duty which is what everybody's focusing on. It's the fact that they've gotten so egotistical they don't want anything that will give any other company a competitive edge. They've been on top for so long now, and although I'm a fan of theirs and of Nintendo and microsoft, it's not going to hurt them as much as they're acting like it will.


10M ago

I'd love to know more about how this will impact the game industry. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they did say during the proceedings that Microsoft still planned for Activision to make stuff for Nintendo consoles, right?

I don't think it'll affect me much either way, since I'll still probably be able to get a lot of the games on PC anyway. But I'd like it if they supported Nintendo consoles, all the same.