Recall: Empty Wishes has been confirmed for a release on Nintendo Switch, courtesy of publisher Dangen Entertainment. Recall is a narrative focused adventure game set in Taiwan in the 2010s.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a firm release date just yet. The PC version of the game is scheduled for release in Q4 2023, and the Switch version will be released sometime after that. See below for more details.

Ever since Tommy’s disappearance, his sister Yonny has been searching for him. One day, she finds a toy phone that connects her and her friend to a world constructed of past memories, allowing them to delve into the private thoughts of others and uncover the truth surrounding Tommy’s disappearance.

Recall: Empty Wishes is a story-driven psychological thriller based in Taiwan in the 2010s. The story centers around Tommy, a boy who has mysteriously disappeared and his sister, Yonny, who is trying to find him.

One day, Yonny discovers a toy phone receiver that she used with Tommy when they were children. The mysterious phone receiver connects Yonny and her friend, Phoebe, to the Gallery of Empty Wishes, where they find themselves able to enter the memory echoes of people connected to Tommy. Using the receiver, they delve into these people’s deepest desires, and ultimately seek to uncover the truth behind Tommy’s disappearance.

Follow Yonny and Phoebe as they relive the memories of five key players surrounding Tommy’s disappearance. Each chapter delves into the memories of one character, revealing the character’s deepest wishes and secrets. By interacting with characters, collecting items, making choices and investigating in 2D side-scrolling scenes, players will piece together the truth regarding Tommy’s disappearance.

  • Immersive story based on the culture of Taiwanese students in the 2010s
  • Non-linear storytelling that combines elements of fantasy, mystery, and horror
  • Multiple character perspectives with alternate points of view and narration
  • Choices affect other characters and endings
  • 2D side-scrolling gameplay with interactive elements and puzzle-solving
  • Combines pixel-art graphics with hand-drawn portraits of characters
  • Multiple language support. (Including Chinese, English and Japanese)

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