The Nintendo Switch has millions of fans, but there will always be some who wish it were able to run more complex modern AAA games. YouTuber Geekerwan has attempted to fulfill this desire, by modding his Switch in order to make it more closely approximate a Steam Deck. He even gets it to run modern PC games natively, without using any streaming software or other tricks.

In the above video, Geekerwan details his process of modding the Switch to install Android and Linux on it. He then continues to tweak and overclock the hardware to make it possible to run more complicated games. Some of those games, like Genshin Impact and Half-Life 2, run pretty well. Some, like Grand Theft Auto 5 and God of War, seem to be borderline unplayable, with extremely slow and choppy framerates.

Still, the fact that Geekerwan got these games up and running at all on the Switch’s hardware is pretty impressive! Check the video out now if you’re interested in seeing just how far the Switch’s tech can be pushed.

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10M ago

Yep..Nintendo will do a takedown of this no doubt since the games are not officially supported on Nintendo and Nintendo doesn't get commision for this mod either.