AEW: Fight Forever has quite the extensive roster of wrestlers, but it doesn’t have everyone you’ll currently find on AEW programming. It’s not surprising to see the game slightly out of step with the TV shows, as development has to stop at some point in order to get the game out the door.

Now that AEW: Fight Forever has been available for a few weeks, fans are making calls to see their favorite wrestlers join the roster. One surprising omission so far is Samoa Joe, a name longtime pro wrestling fans certainly know. Joe does stand out as one of the bigger names missing from the game’s roster, but again, this was due to the timing of his joining AEW and where the game was at in development.

If you were holding out hope for Samoa Joe to join AEW: Fight Forever as DLC, we have some worrying news. spoke to Joe himself for an update, and it seems like he’s completely unaware of plans to add his likeness to the game.

“As of right now, I have not been told there is any plans, but then again, I’m often not told most plans when it comes to stuff like that. So you should really take that with a grain of salt. I will say this, I know the developer is really, really dedicated to, to putting out the best, most authentic experience ever. If everything goes well, I would not be surprised to see Samoa Joe in future DLC.”

[Samoa Joe]

It would honestly be incredibly shocking to not see Joe join AEW: Fight Forever, as he’s definitely one of the more recognizable names for pro wrestling fans. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time until he joins, and if that addition is announced, we’ll make sure to bring the news to you.

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11M ago

It'd be ridiculous not to include him in a future DLC. He's a wrestling legend, IMO.