Metroid Dread has become the best selling Metroid game of all time, with over 3 million copies sold since its launch. In a new interview with GameReactor, MercurySteam’s Enric Álvarez comments on the success of the title and the experience of developing it.

Álvarez says that working with Nintendo was “heaven”, detailing the process of collaboration: “We worked very closely with the Japanese team. Meetings every week and visits so often. It was incredible. A game changing experience for us.”

He also elaborates on what it was like to inject some new ideas to the Metroid world and lore, and how receptive Nintendo was to those concepts:

“We have an excellent understanding of each other. I think that it’s fair to say that over time we became friends. And they are super talented people, super hard working people. They have a work ethic that is unbeatable, and they are open to accept new ideas and to try them. We were also very hungry for leaving our own mark in the franchise, and we never ceased to suggest and propose ideas. Many of them ended up in the final product, so we are very proud of our collaboration with Nintendo. One of the best development experiences we could possibly dream.”

[Enric Álvarez, GameReactor]

GameReactor also asked whether MercurySteam might be working on a new Metroid game for the future, but Álvarez had to simply reply “no comment”.

Click here to watch the full interview, which includes more insight into Metroid Dread’s development, plus the impact that remote working had on their team’s process.

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10M ago

While it isn't always the case, I think you can usually tell with how well the development team meshed with management and cooperative companies by how the game turned out.

Games with troubled development are usually evident in the products released.