Construction is currently underway on the Donkey Kong roller coaster at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios, Florida. Though its completion is still a ways off, we have some new photos of the ride’s current progress thanks to @bioreconstruct on Twitter. These photos show off some aerial views of the construction as seen from the Ferris Wheel at nearby ICON Park.

There’s not much to give away that this is a Donkey Kong ride just yet, but it certainly looks like the framework of the ride is coming along nicely! In at least one photo, you can clearly see a spot where the mine cart track appears to break off, mimicking a thrilling moment from just about every Donkey Kong mine cart level.

Super Nintendo World in Orlando isn’t expected to open until 2025, but you can bet we’ll be covering its progress up until that point! See below for more construction photos from Donkey Kong’s upcoming mine cart coaster.

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10M ago

So neat. Would like to go.