Narrative-driven adventure game Space Boat is planned for Switch

An industry veteran leads the game's development

01 August 2023
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Space Boat, an “investigative narrative game set on an intergalactic cruise-ship inhabited by various carpet based lifeforms” is planned for a Switch release according to Canadian developer Recombobulator Games. You can check out a trailer for the upcoming title above. Here’s a quick overview:

You play as Inspector Domino, a space cat detective, charged with finding a shapeshifting thief. As an inspector, you’ll don your M.U.E.L. (Mobile Undercover Evidence Locker), assemble your search party, talk to curious lifeforms, jot down notes, solve intriguing puzzles, explore a sprawling space cruiser, navigate secret passages in cat form, and touch many things you probably shouldn’t.

The studio was founded by Luis Alonso, a AAA game dev veteran who worked on titles like Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 2 and Thief. There’s no word on release timing at the moment- as sure as additional info is shared, we’ll be sure to share the info ourselves.

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