An upcoming update for Don’t Starve Together has been announced and detailed by Klei Entertainment. This update features the new Wormwood, Wolfgang, and Woodie skillsets, some new skins, and a variety of bug fixes. There is no release date for this update on Switch just yet, but Klei says that a roadmap update should be coming soon.

See below for the full patch notes, or click here for more information.


  • Wolfgang Skillset added
  • Wormwood Skillset added
  • Woodie Skillset added
  • Survivors can now craft large Support Pillars to create areas safe from quake debris and cave ins.
  • Equipment forged from the Brightsmithy and Shadowcraft Plinth are now no longer prototype-able but can be repaired using specific repair kits.
  • When they reach a fully broken state, they can no longer be equipped until repaired.
  • Equipment changes:
  • Umbralla can now be activated on the ground to generate an area of effect rain barrier. Please note that acid rain does not heal the Umbralla while it is activated like this.
  • Void Cowl and Void Robe no longer provide acid rain immunity.
  • Void Cowl and Void Robe no longer drain sanity when equipped.
  • Ramping shadow planar damage buff now only requires equipping Void Cowl instead of the full set.
  • Void Robe now blocks negative sanity auras (e.g. from monsters or other scary objects).
  • Brightshade weapon buffs now only require equipping Brightshade Helm instead of the full set.
  • Brightshade Helm now prevents Charlie attacks when standing in darkness.
  • Brightshade Armor now has minor damage reflection.
  • Dreadstone Armor and Dreadstone Helm no longer drain sanity when not self-repairing.

New Skins

The Archaic Attire Chest can be purchased in a chest for $4.99 usd and contains skins for: Wormwood, Wolfgang, and Woodie. As always, these items will be available as drops in game and are also weaveable using spool.

The Archaic Artifacts Chest can be purchased in a chest for $6.99 usd and contains the Archaic Meat Rack, Archaic Gym, Archaic Tent, Archaic Fencing, Archaic Gate, Overgrowth Husk and Archaic Chest. These items are also available as drops in game and are also weaveable using spool.


  • Wormwood’s Photosynthesis perk for daylight sources uses the normal plant detection radius which is much bigger than his tending radius.
  • Wormwood’s Carrats will no longer race to the same food item and will spread out the work amongst themselves.
  • Wormwood’s summons will no longer spring traps.
  • Added facings to the Support Pillar.
  • Added effects when Brightshade Armor reflects damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash after using Ice Staff to unsummon Wormwood’s minions.
  • Fixed an issue with Wormwood not getting photosynthesis with lights from the Lux series of books.
  • Fixed missing strings for Wormwood’s summons in the crafting menu.
  • Fixed a crash related to Wormwood’s Bulbous Lightbug.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s summons staying around when using the Celestial Portal.
  • Fixed Woodie’s Trader Legging skin having a wrong facing direction.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Moonbound having color going outside of the outline.
  • Fixed Woodie’s Goose dodge skill always being enabled.
  • Fixed being able to feed Kitschy Idols to other players.
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s Mighty Weapons buff being applied to projectiles if he switches to a planar weapon before the projectile hits.
  • Fixed a Chinese localization error with Wilson’s Alchemy perk description.
  • Fixed the Weremoose being able to get wet by waves when it has the waterproof skill.
  • Fixed the destruction area of ground impacts, such as the Werebeaver’s Tail Slap or the Bearger’s punch, not being close to the shape of a circle.
  • Fixed Enlightened Shards light turning on in inventory and turning off on the ground when storing/removing a spore.
  • Fixed Scrapbook not recording things when inspecting with a controller.
  • Fixed Scrapbook recording things when other players were inspecting items in the world with caves turned off.
  • Fixed waves on the shore causing more memory allocations than needed.
  • Fixed missing footsteps when riding Beefalo over Docks.

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