Pokémon fan creates life-size Koffing that emits real gas

Warning: This Pokémon may be hazardous to your health

05 August 2023
by quence 0

As Pokémon go, Koffing is one of the most adorable and poisonous. Unfortunately, it’s still impossible to catch one in real life, but the YouTube channel Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art has come up with the next best thing.

They’ve created a life-size model of Koffing out of clay, which not only looks exactly like its in-game counterpart, but is actually capable of emitting gas from its pores. In the above video, Yoshirin details the full process of bringing Koffing to life, which looks like a very impressive feat of art and engineering. He recommends that you don’t try this at home, as the gas is actually dangerous!

Check out some more photos below:

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