RIN: The Last Child Announced for Switch

Metroidvania with spellcrafting!

22 April 2022
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RIN: The Last Child has been announced for a Switch release in September 2022. Space Fox Games has described the game as a “Metroidvania with a unique spellcrafting system.” In RIN, you will transverse the landscape to find and create spells. You will also be able to enchant spells to create spell variants.

Space Fox Games describes RIN: The Last Child as the following:

In the game, you play as the title character - Rin, the demigoddess - who has been brought to life by the Teller and burdened with the mission of saving a mystical dying world. Rin, powerless at the start, is forced to search for them in chaotic lands. Thanks to the regained power of Aspects, she can create and improve magic spells, which she can use, among other things, to attack or defend against monsters roaming around.Discovering the surrounding world brings her closer to learning the truth about the Creator and other Children, the causes and disastrous consequences of their actions. Although Rin has no control over the tragic events of the past, she can use her only gift - free will - to decide the future fate of the whole land.

The game has dark fairytale graphics, in which each land has its unique character and corresponds to its Aspects: Life, Time, Void, Space, and Matter. The game is a true Metroidvania, in which exploration meets crafting.

You can view some screenshots of the game below:

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