"It’s Building Time with Minecraft and Mario!" promo shared by Nintendo

What's your favorite idea? Mine is being creative

12 August 2023
by quence 0

Nintendo has a new video to share over on their Play Nintendo channel, courtesy of Jordan, who is a major blockhead (meaning of course, that he loves to build with blocks). For this video, both Minecraft and Super Mario Maker 2 are highlighted for their creative building features. It serves as a fun introduction to the two games, and maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own creations!

Do you love building stuff? How about bringing your imagination to life? Well, you can do it all in Minecraft and Super Mario Maker 2. These two building games are tons of fun, whether you’re building a cabin, a volcano fortress, making your own levels, or exploring new worlds so you can come up with new ideas. And for all you Mario fans, you can now bring Mario and his friends to Minecraft with the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack! Want to know more? We’re breaking it all down in today’s video!

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