Gravity Circuit updated to Ver. 1.0.7

Switch performance improvements coming soon

12 August 2023
by quence 0

Gravity Circuit has been updated to Version 1.0.7 on the Nintendo Switch. It includes some gameplay alterations as well as several bug fixes. Developer Domesticated Ant Games also mentioned that they plan on improving the game’s performance on Switch in the near future. See below for the full patch notes on this update.

Game issues

  • Fixed an issue where in rare situations, ledge grabbing onto an object that has despawned may crash the game
  • Added extra code to account for strange behavior in the pause menu, that could under very specific circumstances lead to a game crash
  • Fix an issue where Hardware Barrier may not activate properly; in that the shield effect appears, but it doesn’t actually shield you from damage
  • Fix a visual issue where Hardware Barrier remains if you complete a stage, and the technique is active
  • Fix a visual issue where Hardware Barrier being active may lead to some weird visuals during cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where, due to a coding oversight, a jump activated through the game’s jump buffer may unwittingly cancel a burst technique activation
  • Changed Kai’s control code a bit, in that it checks for burst technique activation first before any other button input. This helps with any unintentional “double jump cancelled burst technique” bugs.
  • Fixed a visual offset issue with Junk Fly Hive enemies, when they are grabbed with Heavenly Piledriver
  • Fixed an issue where a certain boss, under certain circumstances, can get stuck mid-air in a way that requires you to restart the fight by reloading the checkpoint
  • Fixed an issue where if you pressed crouching jab just before doing some special NPC interactions in the HQ, Kai’s controls might get locked up after trying to leave that interaction
  • Fixed an issue where Kai’s controls may get locked up when Kai gets frozen or gooped up in Mountains or Junkyard while doing a crouching jab
  • Fixed an issue relating to using Gravity Freeze against a specific attack one of the game’s bosses can do
  • Fixed an issue where Chain Dasher may fail to grab the target object if the hookshot button is held down at the end of the dash, and the target is eligible for a grab
  • Fixed a game crash that may happen when using Support Platform
  • Fixed a softlock that may happen if Kai gets crushed during Screen Interrupt, like by the toggleblocks in Cyberspace
  • Fixed an issue where Chain Dasher can cause grabbed enemies warp around rather randomly if they’re thrown while Kai is standing on ground
  • Fix a visual issue with Virus Bruiser enemies if they’re grabbed with Heavenly Piledrive while their chain is extended
  • Fixed a visual issue when grabbing an enemy object with hookshot, where the enemy may be displaced for some few frames while Kai is doing the pull-in action. This tended to happen the most when grabbing an enemy after Heavenly Piledrive
  • Due to a small oversight, Data Chip count may go up to 82 out of 80, due to the game interpreting wrong data as picked up data chips. This error has been fixed, and additional code has been added that corrects any affected save files when game boots up. This bug did not affect achievements, it just displayed the wrong visual on GAME COMPLETE screen, as well as file select.
  • Fix a game crash in Highway caused by preserved momentum from Float Rider platforms when entering miniboss cutscene triggers
  • Fix an issue where divekick can be cancelled with a burst technique, leaving a lingering attack overlay effect and lingering hitbox attached to Kai
  • Fixed a case where some enemies may continue their normal behavior if they are Heavenly Piledrived into a pit of spikes or lava, or Kai getting crushed. Made the said enemies destruct in these circumstances.
  • Fixed one unintentional interaction with a moving platform and one enemy type in one of the latter stages.
  • Fixed a game crash that may occur if the game takes longer than expected to load Research Compendium assets, and the game attempts to update which object sprite to show.
  • Added precaution to one of the cutscene triggers in one of the final stages, so to ensure that Kai doesn’t fly past the cutscene trigger too hard due to any momentum shenanigans

Gameplay adjustments

  • Gave Emergency Heal and Hardware Barrier the “invincible” status for their activation durations (ie. the time between activation and player regaining control), to better ensure that the techniques do their designated effects without some weird interactions preventing them
  • Made it possible to crouch and get the crouch jab out on the same frame, since previously these had to be handled in two consuctive frames, which could lead to dropped inputs (crouching but not getting the jab out)
  • Made it possible to crouch from sprint, so long you only hold the downwards direction. Previously you had to slow down enough for crouch to register.
  • Heavenly Piledrive unintentionally grabs overkilled enemies. However, instead of removing this, additional code was added that ensures that an overkilled enemy destructs after the Heavenly Piledrive finishes.
  • Can gain sprint speed if Kai falls off a ledge after a slide if run button is held
  • Can gain sprint speed after letting go of a wall-slide if run button is held
  • Added a few more “safe zones” for Kai to respawn on, if he falls into a pit near the miniboss in Junkyard


  • Adjusted language handling, and how it is saved in player’s user configuration files
  • Slight modifications to Japanese localization (eq. one achievement erronously using the wrong name for a certain character)
  • Working on improving text rendering performance. This was done for console ports, but may help with running the game on older PCs.
  • GAME COMPLETE screen now shows clear time down to centisecond accuracy, as opposed to just seconds.
  • GAME COMPLETE screen now also shows your research completion rate for compendium (in ###%), not just your data chip collection rate (in ##/80)

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