Dante from the Devil May Cry series is arguably one of the most iconic and memorable video game character designs. So, did he just pop up out of thin air, or were there other influences on his look and style? A recently unearthed snippet from an old EGM interview with designer Hideki Kamiya reveals all!

According to Kamiya, Dante was heavily inspired by the character of Joseph Joestar from the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Looking at the two side by side, you can certainly see some similarities! Kamiya also references the Japanese comic character Cobra, who he says has a similar personality to Joestar. According to him, Cobra has “no fear, and talks with lots of irony and provoking looks”. Sounds like Dante, all right.

Check out Kamiya’s full answer to the question of Dante’s influences below, courtesy of @jojo_wiki on Twitter.

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