Pokémon UNITE has been updated to Ver. on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. According to the official patch notes, this update includes the following:

  • Shop updates
  • Event updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Text corrections

It also includes a number of changes to Pokémon abilities and moves, which you can see in detail below:

Iwa Palace

  • In order to emphasize the large rock on its back and strong clawed front paws, the “Scissor Cloth” has been adjusted
  • upwards . In order to counterattack Pokémon that underestimate us and attack us,
  • we have adjusted the Unite move “Smashed Stone Whirlwind” upwards.
  • Attribute:
  • Work hard Defense/Special Defense that increases by 1 level: 5+1 x level → 6+2 x level (up to 10 levels)
  • scissor cloth Wait time: 7 seconds → 6 seconds
  • scissor cloth+ Wait time: 6 seconds → 5 seconds
  • Unite Move:
  • Crushed Stone Whirlwind Recoil damage when receiving damage: Increased by 33%
  • Recoil damage latency: 2 seconds → 1 second


  • Despite the hardships of overcoming the chrysalis period, the effect was small after level 9, so we
  • adjusted
  • Ability score HP: 3150~8350→3150~8800 (Level 1~15)
  • Unite Move:
  • Lethal Rampage Amount of Energy Required: Reduced by approximately 17%


  • Adjusted Empowered Attack upwards to show off her presence as a melee basic attack specialist
  • . For this Pokemon as well, since its impact in Unite battles after level 9 was small
  • , we have adjusted the Unite move “Dohatsuten Rush” upwards.
  • Enhanced attack Damage amount: Increased by about 10%
  • HP recovery amount: 15% of damage dealt → 20% of damage dealt
  • Unite Move:
  • Dohatsuten Rush Amount of Energy Required: Reduced by approximately 17%

Fire row

  • Adjusted the upwards of “Brave Bird .
  • brave bird Damage amount: 10% increase

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