8BitDo has a long line of controllers that are built specifically for the Switch or work perfectly with them, and the 8BitDo Micro is the latest in that lineup. This controller is priced at $25 and pre-orders are open today, with shipments expected by August 24th at the latest.

The 8BitDo Micro weighs 24.8 grams and features 16 buttons. This Switch-compatible controller does support firmware updates down the road, and also includes a mode-switching button and button mapping support. As you can probably tell by the inclusion of just one d-pad, the 8BitDo Micro is aimed at 2D gaming.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the 8BitDo Micro or make a purchase right now, you can do so through the official 8BitDo store.


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10M ago

Looks like their Zero controller, only squared-off and adding L2/R2/Home buttons.