Cult of the Lamb teases Don't Starve crossover for August 21st, 2023

Don't Starve (and Cult of the Lamb) Together?

17 August 2023
by quence 0

Cult of the Lamb has proven to be a big hit on Switch, and has already received a bevy of new content in the form of April’s “Relics of the Old Faith” update. Now, the indie roguelike seems poised for another new addition. If this new teaser shared by Devolver Digital is anything to go by, it looks like it will be a crossover with another popular indie title.

Devolver Digital’s teaser features a brief animated clip in which the game’s titular lamb approaches a portal and sees the silhouette of a mysterious stranger. We don’t have any official confirmation of who it could be, but it looks an awful lot like the character Webber from the indie survival game Don’t Starve. The teaser is also accompanied by the message “Starving for more Cult of the Lamb?” which seems like too obvious a hint to be a coincidence.

The teaser ends with the date of August 21, indicating we’ll be learning more then. Whether or not the new content will launch on that day, and exactly what form it will take, remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

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