GameDriver has announced that as of today, it is officially a provider of middleware tools for the Nintendo Switch. Their software is intended to aid developers in speeding up the testing and debugging process of games using the Unity engine. These tools will be available to all developers creating games for the Switch.

Ideally, GameDriver’s software will allow developers to streamline their testing processes, simulating a large amount of possible inputs in order to eliminate bugs and issues before a game is released. GameDriver CEO Robert Guttierez commented, “We are honored to be included as a middleware partner by Nintendo. Nintendo has always been associated with producing only the highest quality entertainment and at GameDriver our goal has always been to enable developers and studios to achieve the level of QA quality that Nintendo is known for.”

Click here to view GameFinder’s official web site, or see below for their press release describing these tools in detail.

GameDriver’s platform is widely recognized as the best test automation solution for game engines. Now, as an official Nintendo middleware tools provider, GameDriver provides authorized Nintendo Switch developers using Unity with immediate access to a comprehensive suite of automated testing features, empowering them to create higher quality games faster, more efficiently, and ultimately with reduced QA costs.

GameDriver’s on-device testing capabilities enable developers to test directly on Nintendo Switch development kits, providing an accurate assessment of game functionality and user experience. Developers are able to simulate inputs, improve test coverage for both 2D and 3D environments, and utilize industry-leading object identification for streamlined debugging efforts. By significantly reducing the need for manual testing or relying on the editor-based testing tools provided in the Unity and Unreal Engine toolkits, GameDriver provides studios with substantial ROI, whilst simultaneously freeing up developers and enabling them to find more high-quality bugs.

With the emergence of modern game user retention and monetization methods including live-service games and the continuous rollout of new content, the need for efficient workflow and rigorous testing is paramount. GameDriver unlocks never-before-seen testing efficiency and repeatability by alleviating manual regression testing and freeing up developers to focus on testing new content.

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