The competitive Super Smash Bros. scene can get pretty heated at times, and occasionally we’re treated to a humorous player interaction like the one in this story. At this month’s Super Smash Con held in Virginia, competitive player RJ Dodd (more commonly known as OG Kid) decided to show off his skills by capturing a selfie right in the middle of a match.

The match was between himself (playing as Jigglypuff) and another Smash player known as sushi (playing as Peach). Although the match starts out fairly even, OG Kid soon gains the upper hand. He takes advantage of the situation by taking a selfie just as Peach is respawning on screen. He later shared this photo to his own Twitter page with the caption “POV: You get DownSmashed by OG Kid”.

Poor sportsmanship or just a little bit of harmless fun? Considering the fact that OG Kid is just 15 years old, and he seems to be friendly with his opposition, this reads more like some good old fashioned ribbing. You can watch a video of the match with commentary below and decide for yourself.


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9M ago

I don't understand though.

The screen isn't showing me getting down smashed and even if it did, I don't think OG Kid would be looking at me and not the screen when he down smashed me.

How is this POV!?


9M ago

Seems a little unsportsmanlike tbh.