Rare video game discoveries crop up from time to time, but this may be one of the strangest. It comes from @cake_hoarder on Twitter, who discovered an unusual demo disc that was left inside a GameCube devkit he purchased. To his amazement, the disc ran an unknown and never released title called “Pickles”. Check out his footage below:

It turns out that Pickles is a platformer game featuring a monkey riding a unicycle over various obstacles. The prototype seems to have been developed by Santa Cruz Games who worked on a number of licensed games such as Spider-Man and Superman, as well as Tomb Raider: Underworld for the Nintendo DS. Pickles may have been their first and only original title.

As noted in the video, the demo disc appears to have two worlds with a total of twelve levels playable, but they don’t always load successfully. @cake_hoarder plans to upload the contents of the disc online as a playable rom at some point, so we’ll all be able to experience Pickles for ourselves!

Click here for a slightly deeper dive into Pickles from, who put together some additional screenshots and info.

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