If you’ve been holding out hope for a Disney Dreamlight Valley physical release, you’re about to be happy and disappointed at the same time. Disney Dreamlight Valley is indeed heading to retail, but it’s going to be a code-in-box release instead of a physical game card.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cozy Edition is an exclusive retail offering of Disney Dreamlight Valley featuring a sticker set, collectible poster, full access to the base game and exclusive digital bonuses. This package is priced at $50 and will launch on Oct. 20th, 2023.

As this is a code-in-box release, you’d probably like to know the game’s file size, but we don’t have that info. We know that the base game is 3.9 GB, so you can at least start there to gauge if you have enough free space. We’ll update this story with the final file size should that info become available prior to launch.

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10M ago

While stupid its 1 of 6 maps.
At least 14500 moonstones does cost $50.