We’ve all wanted to hug a Pokémon at one point or another, and now there are more ways than ever to accomplish this dream with the Pokémon plushes that are available. Today, Sanei Boeki announced even more new Pokémon plushes which are coming to Japan in November 2023.

First up are three brand new additions to their line of “Potehagu cushions”. True to their name, these plushes are heavier and more cushion-like than others, with a “beady” texture. The three new Pokémon being added to the lineup are Cleffa, Natu, and Clodsire. All three look adorable.

Next, they announced a brand new series in the All Star Collection Pokémon line. This series consists of more traditional style plushes, and lots of new friends are joining the fun. Those friends are Bonsly, Chingling, Espeon, Fidough, Gimmighoul, Metagross, Mime Jr., Munna, Palafin (Hero and Zero forms), Porygon, Tandemaus, and Tinkaton, and Umbreon.

Both new sets of Pokémon plushes will be available in Japan sometime in November 2023. Stay tuned for more details on where and when they can be ordered.

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