Nintendo shares 'Get to Know Pikmin' promo video

Getting to know all about Pikmin

02 September 2023
by quence 0

Are you unfamiliar with the world of Pikmin? Nintendo is here for you, as they’ve just published a ‘Get to Know Pikmin’ promo video, designed specifically to introduce newcomers to the series. The video serves as an introduction to the world of the recently released Pikmin 4 on the Switch, covering the basics of its theme and mechanics. Pikmin 4 is a great first game if you’re new to the series, so everyone should give it a shot!

Get ready to learn about Pikmin and explore with these curious creatures in the Pikmin 4 game. This trailer is a handy guide for all you adventure-seeking kids and gamers out there. You can get your creativity flowing as you learn all about these little buds and their different powers.

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