Devolver Digital is "very eager to continue to work with Nintendo"

"We’ve had a great time on Switch."

02 September 2023
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Devolver Digital has had a great deal of success as an indie developer. Some portion of that success has been due to the release of games like Cult of the Lamb and Inscyrption on the Nintendo Switch in recent years.

In a new interview with VentureBeat, COO Graeme Struthers comments on the collaboration that the two companies have been enjoying: “We’re very eager to continue to work with Nintendo. We’ve had a great time on Switch. It’s been great for us.”

When asked about whether or not Devolver Digital has a clear vision of the future of the Switch, Struthers responded a bit more vaguely, “Well, you shouldn’t assume anything about the name “Switch” and “2” put together. But we have quite a lot of content in production.” Is this a clue that Devolver Digital has plans to support the Switch’s successor? That seems like a safe bet, but whether or not they have inside info about that future hardware is anyone’s guess.

Click here to read the full interview in order to learn more about Devolver’s process and thoughts on the games industry at large.

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