Less than a week ago, IzanagiGames, Inc. announced a crowdfunding campaign for Dark Auction: Hitler’s Estate, a brand new “authentic mystery adventure” game with an original story/scenario written by Rika Suzuki (Trace Memories, Hotel Dusk: Room 215), and character designs by Kohske (GANGSTA.). It seems plenty of gamers were interested in the idea, as the crowdfunding campaign has been an incredible success.

Dark Auction: Hitler’s Estate is now officially heading to Switch sometime in 2024, as the crowdfunding campaign has already reached a whopping 170% of its goal just 5 days after launching. As always, there are more stretch goals and features that can be added through extra funding, but the base game is a lock for release. Let’s hope it also sees a localization at some point.

Dark Auction: Hitler’s Estate is a mystery adventure centering on the idea of a historical figure having surreptitiously bequeathed a fictitious estate, following the drama that plays out among the characters faced with an enigma extending all the way into their modern world.

The tale unfolds in an ancient castle in 1981, 36 years after Hitler’s death. 18-year-old protagonist Noah is determined not to turn out like his father, but, beyond that, he has no idea of the kind of person he wants to be. Noah takes part in a mysterious auction held at the old castle, and, as someone living in the 1980s, comes to terms with the absurdity of the trauma the war left behind, learning of the truths hidden deep within those affected, ultimately closing in on the big secret his father has been concealing.

Throughout the long flow of time, certain individuals are predestined to make history—a projection of, and projection onto the times in which they lived. Hitler was one such individual—an evil specter at the heart of the tumult of the Second World War.

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10M ago

Although nothing about this game seems to romanticize Nazi Germany, I somehow bet it gets canceled anyway, lol. I give it a 95% chance of never making it to retail.


10M ago


I don't think Japan cares about something like that, so it will release there without any problems. The rest of the world however (ESPECIALLY Germany)? We'll see about that.