Hollow Knight is one of the most successful and beloved indie games in recent memory, inspiring countless discussions and fan creations (and of course, anticipation for Silksong). One fan who goes by the name Poly Knight on YouTube has now gone ahead and created a partial remake of Hollow Knight with one twist - it’s in 3D, instead of the game’s original 2D side-scrolling style.

Poly Knight explains that this is part of his ongoing journey to study the designs of previously existing games in order to improve as a game designer himself. In his video up above, he details the full process of modeling the characters, environments, and other aspects of his Hollow Knight creation using the Unity engine.

This remake doesn’t include the full game, but what’s showcased is impressive enough on its own. It recreates the boss fight with the Mantis Lords, giving a literal new perspective on the game for Hollow Knight fans or aspiring designers.

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