A new series of merchandise from the Ys game series is coming to Village Vanguard bookstores in Japan throughout the rest of the year. This merch includes stickers, badges, and more, mostly featuring Chibi depictions of the series’ protagonists.

  • Character stand – ¥1,980 each
  • Desk mat – ¥6,600
  • Face towel – ¥5,390
  • Bromide portrait – ¥300 each
  • Sticker – ¥650 each
  • 13-in-1 sticker set - ¥8,450
  • Tin badge – ¥550 each
  • 13-in-1 badge set - ¥7,150

There are actually going to be two waves of releases for this merch line. The first takes place from September 7th-24th, 2023, while the second goes from September 29th-October 22nd, 2023. First wave items will ship sometime in October or November, while second wave items will ship in December.

Click here to view the full line-up for yourself via the online Village Vanguard store.

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