Overwatch 2 heroes' official birthdays and ages revealed

Now you can plan their parties accordingly

09 September 2023
by quence 2

Overwatch 2 features a large and diverse cast of heroes (thirty-eight in total), all of whom have their own unique backstories. One thing that has never officially be revealed however, is how old each of those heroes are. For those of you have been wondering, wonder no longer, as Blizzard has just shared the official details of every hero’s birthday and exactly how old they are.

A newly updated character chart now features all the details you could want regarding the heroes’ birthdays. As some fans have pointed out, there may be some discrepancies between these newly listed ages and details of the characters’ backgrounds shared in the past. Presumably, Blizzard didn’t quite think these ages through from the very beginning, but they should be canon going forward. The oldest hero is apparently Sigma at age 64, while the youngest is Orisa at age 1 (of course, Orisa is also a robot).

Click here to view the complete chart of characters and view all the details about their birthdays, abilities, and origin stories.


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9M ago

Good to see the dev team is focusing on what really matters.

Now that they ditched PvE they have all the time in the world for the important stuff.