We’ve known for a while now that Ash would be exiting the Pokémon anime series, and now the time has finally come. Ash’s final appearances in the Pokémon: To Be A Pokémon Master series are available to watch now in the US on Netflix. To commemorate the occasion, Ash’s most recent and longest running voice actress Sarah Natochenny shared a heartwarming video on her Twitter page:

It’s a brief clip depicting Natochenny watching her final episode for the first time in the recording studio. As you can see, she has an emotional reaction to the experience. Understandable, considering she’s been bringing life to Ash for seventeen years!

The version that Natochenny saw was an incomplete cut without music or sound effects, so just think how much more emotional the scenes will be in their final form! If you’re in the US, you can watch all ten episodes of the new series now on Netflix.

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