Two weeks ago, thatgamecompany announced that they’d officially broken the Guinness World Record for Most Users in a Concert-Themed Virtual World. This milestone came about in their MMO Sky: Children of the Light. That’s not the only record they managed to break, however. The other record broken at gamescom this year was for Most Avatars Emoting Simultaneously. This was accomplished as part of the same event and also using Sky: Children of the Light.

Now, thatgamecompany has shared a video of the momentous occasion. It’s brief, but it gives a decent idea of what it was like to attend the show, or even be a part of the record in-game. You can also get a glimpse of the process of the Guinness World Records adjudicator assessing and evaluating the achievement. Who knows what records thatgamecompany will try to go after next!

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