If you’ve gone to listen to the TUNIC soundtrack on your streaming platform of choice recently, you might have been met with a defunct listing. Unfortunately, it appears this has come around due to an unknown person hitting the game’s soundtrack with false DMCA claims.

Terence Lee, composer for TUNIC, revealed that starting in early September, he was contacted by someone saying they planned on taking down his music. The claims were then filed, and the soundtrack has disappeared from streaming platforms. Lee and TUNIC co-composer Janice Kwan are now “working hard” to get the album back online.

Unfortunately, Lee also mentioned that the mystery person who filed the false DMCA claims said they’ll do the same thing again should Lee use distributor Distrokid to get the album back online. Only time will tell if Lee can remedy this situation, or if the mystery person attacks again.

UPDATE: The TUNIC soundtrack has returned to online streaming services, allowing fans to once again enjoy the OST. Along with that, TUNIC co-composers Terence Lee and Janice Kwan have released some early piano concepts written for TUNIC. You can enjoy that full album below.

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