Nintendo has announced a brand new title in the F-Zero series for the Nintendo Switch. This new take on the original F-Zero for SNES turns the game into an online battle royale style game for 99 players simultaneously. Players will be able to unlock new vehicles and customize them as they compete for 1st place against all the other racers.

F-Zero 99 will be available later today, exclusively for members of Nintendo Switch Online. You can view the trailer up above, and find additional screenshots and info below.

Rev up your engines and get ready to tear up the track, because with 99 racers on the course the margin for error is zero! F-ZERO 99 features courses and machines from the original Super NES game in challenging multiplayer* races brimming with high-speed, high-stakes action. Your Power Meter is your key to first place – it will decrease if you crash, or you can burn some of it to fuel a temporary speed boost. If the meter runs out, you’re eliminated! You can even relive your F-ZERO glory days with the Super NES controller**, available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online members. Plus, complete goals while racing to unlock cosmetic options for your machine, so you can be as flashy as you are fast. Race your way to first place in F-ZERO 99, available exclusively for active Nintendo Switch Online members … later today!

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9M ago

This game is super fun and addicting. Love me some F-Zero!


9M ago

A new game and it's using pixel art.

Guess only Sega thinks pixel art isn't a vibrant artstyle.