Nintendo shares "The Cutest Cat Mario Compilation"

It's purrfect (sorry)

16 September 2023
by quence 0

Mario’s cat power-up has become a fan favorite since its debut in Super Mario 3D World back on the Wii U. The Internet loves cats, and gamers love Mario, so it’s undeniably a perfect combo. If you just can’t get enough, Nintendo has released a new compilation of Cat Mario footage over on their kid-focused Play Nintendo channel. It features plenty of gameplay clips from the Switch version of Mario 3D World, plus a quiz, and you can watch it up above!

Cat Mario is sooo cute! How cute? So cute he may just break our Cute-O-Meter! Practice your purrs and learn how Cat Mario and his Cat friends spend their day adventuring and purrfecting their pounce—it’s totally Cattastic. Get to know all about Cat Mario as you play seek and finds, a quiz, and other fun things while you watch!

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