Annalynn has been updated to Version 1.6.2 on the Nintendo Switch. This update adds support for screen rotation on the Switch, as well as a number of fixes for bugs and glitches. See below for the full patch notes.

  • Fixed a glitch where you could sometimes clip through the ceiling when jumping into them
  • Fixed an exploit with being able to go through some ceilings via ropes
  • Fixed the minecart bonus levels not showing up anymore after the first loop
  • Fixed the points for hitting a snake with a pickaxe displaying 250, when the player was actually receiving 500 points
  • Snakes hit with a pickaxe will stay knocked off for longer
  • Made some other tweaks to a few cheats/easter eggs

Switch Exclusive

  • Added support for rotating the screen either clockwise or counter-clockwise in TATE mode
  • Fixed Anton’s death animation playing while the game is paused
  • Fixed the extra life bonus item not using Anton’s life graphic when playing as him
  • Fixed Anton using Annalynn’s sprites in the minecart levels when the 2016 mode cheat is active
  • Fixed Anton’s mini sprite being set to the heartbeet when changing characters in 2016 mode
  • Fixed the game glitching out when watching the attract mode as Anton

Known Issues

  • The “No Continues” achievement is currently broken. Another update is on the way to fix this.

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