Genki ShadowCast 2 & Covert Dock 2 launch on Kickstarter

With over $200,000 funded so far

26 September 2023
by quence 0

Genki is back with another Kickstarter for some potentially useful Switch accessories. Specifically, this campaign focuses on the ShadowCast 2 (and ShadowCast 2 Pro) and Covert Dock 2.

The ShadowCast 2 is a video capture device which features 4K60 input and output. It also has the capability for direct HDMI passthrough, and apps which can be used to add features and enhancements while capturing or recording gameplay. This should be handy for streamers who are looking to spice up their Switch gameplay sessions.

The Covert Dock 2 is a miniature version of the Switch dock, which allows you to connect it to a TV more easily and conveniently than ever before. This new version includes 4K support, increased power, and a few other bells and whistles as well.

Click here to back the project for yourself or to find more info. The ShadowCast 2 is available for $39, while the Covert Dock 2 goes for $49.

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