Fan creates timeline of Nintendo's logos from 1889 to today

From playing cards to video games

27 September 2023
by quence 0

Nintendo as a company has a long history, having been founded in September 1889. By now, most people know that they originally began as a playing card company, gradually evolving and making their way into the consumer electronics and video game markets. You may also have seen some of their old school logos here and there, but most of them get very little attention from Nintendo or the fans.

One fan who goes by @Yamafuda on Twitter/X decided to put together a timeline showing the history of changes to Nintendo’s logo. As seen above, the timeline stretches from 1889, to all throughout the 1900s, to today. Yamafuda notes that this isn’t a totally comprehensive list of their logo variations, but it should include most of the major ones.

Nintendo’s logo has stayed pretty consistent since the 1970s. Which version is your favorite, and where do you think it’ll go next?

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