Back on Sept. 26th, 2023, the official X account for PlatinumGames has revealed that Hideki Kamiya is leaving the company on Oct. 12th, 2023. This was rather shocking news, as not only has Kamiya been a driving force in many of Platinum’s franchises, he’s also the vice president of the studio. No replacement for Kamiya has been named in the wake of his departure.

Both PlatinumGames and Kamiya shared statements on the situation, but neither shed too much light on what happened. While we’re still waiting on the full details of this surprise departure (and may be waiting quite some time), Hideki Kamiya has opened up a bit more through a YouTube video on his brand-new YouTube channel.

In a nearly 10-minute debut feature, Hideki Kamiya has kicked off his YouTube Channel. In this first video, we hear a lot about Kamiya leaving PlatinumGames, and while we don’t get the exact reason behind the decision, we do get more insight than we’ve gotten up to this point. You can read some of Kamiya’s comments on the matter below, courtesy of a translation from VGC.

“I feel very refreshed after leaving [Platinum]. I’ve been watching Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube and stuff like that. I’ve already lost track of what day it is. I haven’t been to work for a while. I think it’s been about three months since I decided to quit. Once I decided to leave, I had to clean up all these toys and stuff like that. Once I finished cleaning, I was at home with my paid vacation.

How should I put it… Umm… THERE’S NO WAY I CAN PUT IT. You guys understand, right? But… I’d say, I left the company because I wanted to follow my beliefs as a game creator. And to choose the path I think is right and move on. Yeah, so I’m not going to retire yet. I want to keep creating games.

There are bunch of rumors about me. There’s been some speculations about where Kamiya is joining and stuff… I even know some people spreading rumors that I’m NOT leaving Platinum. Bullshit! I can’t work for (the same industry for) a year, due to reasons. So, it’ll be a while until I bring good news to you all. It’ll take time. but I’ll make it happen.”

If you were hoping for a complete breakdown of what Kamiya and Platinum parted ways, it seems that that information won’t come until a year’s time passes. Even then, the true reasons might remain a secret to everyone but Kamiya himself and select few at Platinum.


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10M ago

Always such a big-mouth and now so secretive... Odd situation for sure.

Oh well. All the best to ya, Kamiya and thanks for the fun so far.


10M ago

I bet its platinum chasing some trend or going safer direction than when they started platinum, maybe more moneychasing than before.


10M ago

Oh geez, he must be under a non-compete clause. Welp, at least he’s enjoying himself. I too enjoying consuming content while putting off getting a new job.


10M ago


Well, they will have to pay their loan back to Tencent one day, so you might be on to something here.

And we have yet seen exactly nothing of the new Hero game which is Kamiya's child and nothing about self-publishing either.


10M ago

Is he going to do regular videos like Sakurai while he waits to rejoin the videogame industry?

Maybe he can at least make a video extolling the virtues of blocking people excessively on Twitter!