Sonic Superstars 'Switch Vs. PS5' graphics comparison

Looking super no matter where you play

17 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Sonic Superstars is now available worldwide! You’re probably firing up the game while I’m putting this post together, but if you’re not too busy enjoying the game, perhaps you’d like to take a look at a little visual comparison.

Sonic Superstars isn’t a game that pushes the power of any system out there, meaning it should look quite good no matter where you play it. That said, the Switch version might not have as many visual bells and whistles as platforms like the PS5. The video above shows us just how different the two versions are.

While you might be surprised at how visually aligned the two versions of Sonic Superstars are, there are a few points where you’ll see a nicer visual sheen on the PS5 version. Is it a big enough difference to throw you off the Switch version? That’s a decision only you can make.

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Comments (2)


8M ago

Didn't know the new game had pixel art....wait.


8M ago

They definitely made the right call with the Switch version. It runs at 60fps, and they did what they needed to do to ensure it hit that target. Good on Sega for knocking this one out of the park!