Players discovered an unfortunate glitch in EA Sports FC 24 earlier this week, which resulted in some unfair competition online. The glitch came about as a result of players using the “Trickster+ PlayStyle”, one of several options to alter your in-game moves.

While using this PlayStyle, it was possible for the ball to become stuck to your leg in such a way that you could move around the field and score goals without any chance of an opponent stealing the ball from you. Players were able to recreate the glitch easily and exploit it to achieve easy wins online.

Fortunately, EA has since addressed the glitch, though they haven’t exactly found a fix for it just yet. As a temporary solution, they have disabled the Trickster+ PlayStyle completely (the regular, less advanced ‘Trickster’ playstyle is still available as an alternative).

There’s no word on how long it will take to fix the problem, but EA has stated that they hope to reimplement the Trickster+ playstyle in a future update.

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