No Gravity Games has announced that they’ll be holding a special Chills and Thrills Halloween game giveaway event over the next week. For seven days in a row, they’ll be giving away one free game per day to anyone with a Nintendo Switch and a North American Switch account.

In order to qualify for the free game, you’ll need to own all the previous free games from the lineup. This means that if you miss a day, you’ll need to purchase the previous game on your own if you want the next one. You’ll also need to have any previously published No Gravity Games title on your Switch in order to get the first free game. (Fortunately, they’ll be discounting their games as part of a Halloween sale during this time.)

Click here for more detailed info on exactly how the giveaway works. We don’t know what the free games will be just yet, as they’ll be announced each day. Be sure to stay tuned if you’re interested so you don’t miss any!

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