Sampling video game music in rap songs is a time honored tradition, and this week we have another one to add to the list. The song in question is called “Motion” by rapper Asianae, and it makes heavy use of Koji Kondo’s iconic Super Mario Bros. theme. You can watch the official music video for the clean version of the song above.

“Motion” features the original Super Mario Bros. theme subtly remixed throughout its runtime. In the video, Asianae also dresses like Mario and is seen rapping while seated at a Mario Kart arcade cabinet.

Given Nintendo’s history of going after anyone using their licensed creations without permission, it seems likely that this (not family friendly) video could be taken down before long. As of now however, you can listen as much as you’d like. Here’s hoping someone raps over “Piranha Plants on Parade” from Super Mario Bros. Wonder next.

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8M ago

Garbage. Nintendo would be doing us all a favor if they shut this trash down.