Nintendo has been making the news this week for their recent changes to policies regarding content sharing in relation to tournaments and online videos. Of course, Nintendo has long had a history of going after creators for using their materials without permission in ways that they aren’t happy with. It’s been a source of frustration for YouTubers and streamers for years, and now one YouTuber who goes by Ludwig has shared his story of being directly sued by Nintendo.

Ludwig divulges his experience in detail in the above video. Apparently, he was sued by Nintendo a few months ago, but didn’t make it known until now. Ludwig received a cease and desist letter concerning a Smash Bros. tournament he had hosted. Nintendo originally warned him that he couldn’t modify the “Pokemon Stadium” stage as part of the tournament, to which he agreed. However, they apparently still took issue with other aspects of the event, resulting in the “notice of infringement” being sent.

In the video, Lugwig runs through some of the key points in Nintendo’s new conditions for tournaments, and speculates as to how they might affect future events. However, he does not reveal the specific points that resulted in his tournament being shut down. Is this the beginning of a lot more stress for creators hosting their own events? How much pushback will there be from the community? We’ll have to wait and see.


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8M ago

love to see the title just be a lie on the video AND article.

the event also happened months ago. you really did 0 due diligence here at all.


8M ago

I hope Nintendo gets things figured out and lightens up, like they did with all their backward Youtube and streaming rules.


8M ago


I'm sorry you feel that way about the post. We never mean to misconstrue information or steer people in the wrong direction.

We talked about the original Ludwig situation awhile ago, and the video we shared in this post is brand-new from Ludwig. He shared more details on the situation following Nintendo's updated guidelines that came out this week. We thought it pertinent to follow up on the situation.

You can certainly leave us a note on what you'd like cleared up and we'll get right to it. Sorry once again for the confusion.

What i'm saying is you didn't even accurately represent what Ludwig said in the video let alone the events outside of it. His title is clearly intentionally clickbait (as he commonly does openly) while the contents of the video make what actually happened clear.

This article not only repeats his initial bad faith clickbait but it doesn't even do the attempted make-good the video does given the fact that the summary of events from the video and otherwise are inaccurately represented here.

The easy adjustment is changing the lie in the title (which it looks you changed) he was not sued. They didn't even take legal action. They warned him that his event wasn't in the clear, how he needed to change it, he did, and the event was allowed to commence. Also, you wrote - ". . .However, he does not reveal the specific points that resulted in his tournament being shut down" the event wasn't shut down, it [] happened 3 months ago with Nintendo's blessing after he made the modded PS2 stage adjustment.

If anything, his video is offering some relief that Nintendo's new guidelines don't affect events like his and those of a similar status beyond making clear what they need to do to run on the up & up/with Nintendo's blessing.

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