Christmas Massacre is a tongue-in-cheek stealth slasher game, in which you play as a deranged killer at Christmas time. Originally released on Steam in 2021, the game will be coming to Playstation later this month.

However, anyone hoping for a Switch version of the game is out of luck. It doesn’t look like a Switch port is in the cards according to developer Puppet Combo on Twitter:

In spite of the intentionally primitive polygonal graphics, it sounds like Christmas Massacre was deemed to violent or disturbing for the Nintendo eShop. Whether this decision was made internally by the developers or by Nintendo themselves isn’t totally clear. That said, Puppet Combo has released several games on Switch in the past, so it seems likely that this was a case of Nintendo doing the rejecting.

Whether or not you agree with the decision, Christmas Massacre won’t be playable on Switch anytime soon. For what it’s worth, the game was apparently also deemed “too crazy for XBox”, so Nintendo seemingly isn’t alone in this position.

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