Take a tour of the "Pokémon With You" Pikachu Train in Japan

I choo-choo-choose you, Pikachu

04 November 2023
by quence 0

The East Japan Railway Company is currently running a special promotion in which an entire train has been taken over by Pokémon! Specifically, the train has been decked out to look like Pikachu. If you can’t make it to Japan, YouTube channel ITSUKA JAPAN has uploaded a thorough 25 minute video tour.

Both the exteriors and interiors have been revamped with Pikachu decor, including the walls, doors, and seats. There are even Pikachu plush dolls in various parts of the train for riders to play with. While aboard, you can buy Pokémon themed snacks or rent a conductor’s hat with a Pokéball emblem.

Check out the above video for an in-depth look at the train cars, as well as information on buying tickets and boarding. If only the United States had a worthwhile public transit system, maybe we could get a Pikachu train too!

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